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Portable 60″ Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod Stand All-in-One with Integrated Wireless Remote,Compact Size,Lightweight,Tall Extendable Phone Tripod for 4”-7” iPhone and Android Smartphones

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Product Description

selfie stick tripodselfie stick tripod

Multifunctional Phone Selfie Stick Tripod

This stand is not only a portable mobile phone tripod, but also a fully retractable handheld selfie stick. Selfie stick tripod with remote has a small volume design that can be easily put into a backpack, allowing you to carry it with you when you travel, and always record your best self.

how to open the tripodhow to open the tripod


If you want to use it as a selfie stick, please ignore step 1, no need to press the button to turn on the tripod, just refer to step 2 to step 4.
You must release your hand after pulling the top cover about 3cm, otherwise you will pinch your hands if you continue to pull the top cover.

Place the phone horizontally: Place one side of the phone on the inner wall of the phone holder, and on the other side pull out the arm of the clip to the length of the phone to fix the phone, and then rotate the phone to place it horizontally.

Place the phone vertically: First make sure that the height of the phone is placed above the bottom bracket, then place one side of the phone on the inner wall of the phone holder, and on the other side pull out the arm of the clip to the length of the phone to fix the phone.

Then Slide the slide rails left and right to adjust the field of view. (Note: In the tripod mode, the mobile phone must be placed in the center of the slide rail, consistent with the center of gravity of the tripod to avoid tipping.)

shoot at various angles at willshoot at various angles at will

Flexible Adjustment of Various Angles

The unique sliding rail design makes the clip of the phone tripod mount more flexible and can quickly switch between horizontal and vertical screens. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, it can meet your needs for different angles and fields of view.

Specification of Phone tripodSpecification of Phone tripod

More detailsMore details More details

Folded length:28.3cm/11.41”

Clip size:2.28”-3.46”(suitable for 4”-7” phones)

Compatible phone type:IOS 7.0+&Andriod 5.0+

Radio wave range:about 10m radius (without obstacles)

Packing list:A tripod stand,A bluetooth remote,An instruction sheet


Name: Phone selfie stick tripod
Product wight:338g/0.74lb
Product size:1.43*1.43*11.41”
Product material:aluminum alloy,ABS,PC
Maximum length:152cm/60”

Supports fast switching between horizontal and vertical screens, multi-angle rotation and flexible adjustment. Small and portable, the folded size is 11.4‘’, and the weight is 332g, making it easy to carry around. The tripod and selfie stick can be quickly switched, suitable for family gatherings and recording wonderful moments when traveling.

telescopic pole

telescopic pole

stable tripod base

stable tripod base

Suitable for 4-7''phone

Suitable for 4-7''phone

Telescopic Pole

The tripod for iphone can adjustable length, which provides more possibilities for taking pictures. The telescopic pole can be adjusted in 9 stages, up to 60 inches long, to capture a wider field of view.Aluminum alloy material makes it more durable against rust.

Stable Tripod Base

The enlarged range of the base can strengthen the load-bearing capacity of the tripod, making it more stable and not easy to shake. The silicone foot pad at the bottom can increase friction and play a non-slip effect, allowing you to use it with confidence.

Extend Phone Size

The size of the phone holder can be adjusted in the range of 2.28-3.46in. Suitable for 4-7″ mobile phones. The inner side of the arm is equipped with a silicone pad to protect the mobile phone from scratches during installation.

bluetooth wireless remote

bluetooth wireless remote

Compatible with andorid 5.0+&IOS7.0+

Compatible with andorid 5.0+&IOS7.0+

Small size

Small size

Separate Charging Remote

The Bluetooth shutter has a built-in 50mA lithium battery and supports USB charging, which is very convenient to use. When not in use, you can put it back into the Bluetooth remote control card slot to avoid losing it.

Compatible with IOS & Android

The remote control of cell phone tripod is compatible with IOS 7.0+ and Android 5.0 +systems, and quickly realizes Bluetooth pairing without any complicated operations. You can shoot at will within 10m, and easily take photos with friends or family in the distance.

Easy to Carry

The folded size of the phone tripod stand is only 11.4 inches, which is compact and portable and does not take up space. It is very suitable for traveling and taking it with you.

Multi-scene useMulti-scene use

【All in One Phone Holder】The phone holder is a perfect combination of a selfie stick and a tripod. It has a fully telescopic handle and built-in foldable legs. When press the button at the bottom of the phone tripod, the three legs will open and can be used as a stand tripod. After adjusting the height of the telescopic pole, it can double as a desktop tripod. The multi-function selfie stick tripod is very suitable for taking pictures,Face time etc.
【60” Telescopic Pole】Made of aluminum alloy telescopic pole.The phone tripod stand is not only lightweight but also corrosion-resistant, sturdy and durable. The adjustable height of the cell phone tripod is 11.4~60 inches (completely folded 11.4inches, adjusted in 9 stages), allowing you to shoot various heights that other phone tripod mount cannot shoot, capturing a wider field of view, and satisfying your needs in different occasions.
【Reinforced Tripod Base】Very easy to use, just press the button on the bottom to unlock three legs of the tripod for iphone. The base of the newly upgraded cellphone tripod adopts a reinforced design with a silicone non-slip foot pad, which is more stable after unfolding and is not easy to shake. Note: In the tripod mode, the phone must be placed in the center of the sliding track, which is consistent with the center of gravity of the tripod to avoid tipping.
【Chargable Remote Shutter】The tripod for phone has a built-in rechargeable wireless remote control,supports shooting within 10m,is compatible with iOS/Android,quickly realizes pairing, and the operation is very simple.When the remote control is not in use,it can be put into the special remote control card slot on the handle of the selfie stick to prevent it from being lost.The clamp range of the tripod phone holder is about 2.28-3.46inch in size, which is suitable for 4-7” phones.
【Portable & Rotation】Having a compact design and can be carried around without taking up space. The phone tripod with remote supports free rotation in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the angle can be easily adjusted. You can quickly select horizontal or vertical camera mode to get the best angle photo. In the selfie stick mode, you can also slide the phone holder left and right, which is very flexible and convenient.