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Nokia 105 Mobile Phone Price & Specification

Nokia 105 Mobile Phone Price & Specification

Nokia 105

Nokia 105 Mobile Phone Price & Specification

Nokia 105 features a solid, modern design that fits perfectly in your hand, while the inherent color minimizes the visibility of scratches.

Listen to news, sports and entertainment on the go with the wireless FM radio – without a headset. It also comes with pre-loaded games, including Snake, to keep you entertained, and the long-lasting battery life means that you can talk for hours.

FM wireless radio

Tune in to FM radio for sports, news and entertainment – no headset needed.

Chat for hours

An all-day battery that lets you keep talking.

Built to last

Long-lasting inherent color in a phone that feels great in your hand.

Game on

Pre-loaded games for you to enjoy, including Snake.

Love news, music, and sport? Stay tuned…

Whatever you listen to, you can now tune in to your favorite FM stations on the go with a completely wirelessly radio. Plus, you don’t even need a headset.

A phonebook in your pocket

Nokia 105 comes with enough storage space for up to 2,000 contacts, putting all of their details right at your fingertips. Plus, with room for up to 500 SMS messages, there’s no hurry to clear out your texts.

Game on

We know that a phone is not just for calling and texting, it’s also to help us relax and unwind. That’s why Nokia 105 comes with preloaded games, including everyone’s favorite, Snake.

Chat for hours

We all love to talk. Nokia 105 comes with a battery that lets you chat for hours on a single charge. And it lasts even longer when you’re not using it, so, it’s there when you really need it. When you need to power up, you’ll be doing it with the handy Micro USB charger.

Take on everyday life and look good doing it

Nokia 105 is specially molded to fit snugly in the hand. And thanks to their inherent coloring, scuffs and scratches won’t be as prominent.

Shine on!

Nokia 105 comes with a built-in torch to help you light the way.




Battery & charging

Battery:800 mAh